Hitesh Kakkar
CPM India Pvt. Ltd.

CPM India has been working with Sana Skillpromise Education Private Limited for assessment of our sales staff deployed for managing sales of one of the leading cosmetics and beauty brands in the country. The assessment tool called ‘Skillpromise Assessment and Need Analysis (SANA)’ is very customizable and effective. We have completed 1400+ assessments using SANA. The tool has enabled us to not only monitor and track but also to build a robust framework for continued training and capability engagement with the on ground sales team which is deployed in over 600 retail stores in 50+ cities in the country.

I am very happy with the quick turnaround times that Sana Skillpromise Education Private Limited has displayed in working on customization requests made by our capability and training team. SANA offers the flexibility of assessments on multiple parameters with detailed analytics and option of learning boards integration.

Sana Skillpromise Education Private Limited will continue to be our valued assessment partner.