Learning Objectives

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Learning Objectives of Aptitude Development Program

  • Learn the logic behind Companies and Educational Institutes using Aptitude Assessments as a selection criterion
  • Learn about the Skills and Competencies that are associated with Aptitude Assessments
  • Learn the concepts in Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Data sufficiency and Verbal Ability
  • Acquire the ability to solve Quantitative and Reasoning questions for various entrance exams like Campus Recruitment Tests, MBA Entrance Exams, Bank PO Exams, GATE etc.
  • improve Problem Solving and Reasoning Ability
  • Enhance Verbal Ability and Vocabulary
  • Learn the power of Information and making data work for you
  • Develop skills that enable quick identification of critical issues and logically derived conclusions from written facts or data
  • Interpret given information correctly, determine which Mathematical Aptitude tool best describes the data, and apply the tool correctly
  • Correctly apply Mathematical Aptitude Language and Notation to explain the reasoning underlying their conclusions when solving problems using Mathematical Aptitude techniques