About Us

Incorporated in August 2017, Skillpromise.com, a part of Sana Skillpromise Education Private Limited, is an eLearning platform that helps School students, Higher Education Students and Professionals, engage in Self-Assessment and Career Skill programs. We are based out of Delhi, India.

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay.com

Skillpromise.com has a mission to create programs with high-quality, well researched and easy-to-imbibe content. Skillpromise takes an agile learning approach in building a platform that meets the learning goals of the users.

In addition to helping individual learners, we offer flexible, cost-effective group memberships for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Corporate.

Skillpromise.com has team members from both, Corporate and Academic world, all of whom are focused on developing Self-Assessment and Skill programs, with world class, incisive and comprehensive content to help you reach optimal levels of your efficiency.

Skillpromise.com has created “Learning Accountability Loops” that tightly integrate Self-monitoring, Self-Evaluation, Self Judgment, and Self-Improvisation. This enables you to do the following:

  • Study the Program content
  • Identify your Strength and Improvement areas
  • Prepare an Improvement Roadmap with well-defined timelines
  • Track your performance

As a registered user of Skillpromise.com, you get access to the Analytics section where you can download summary of your performance in the programs, you buy.

Blog at Skillpromise.com helps you learn and discuss the essential skills you need for an excellent career, including Communication Skills, Personal productivity Skills, Employability Skills, Management Skills, Domain Skills, Selling Skills, Customer Service Skills etc.